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Erosion and the Coalport

Posted by Brunella Battista on September 10, 2015 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

It is very strange when a good Federal Government Scientific Reports from the past , that Canadian taxpayers paid for with hard earned tax dollars , and it never sees the light of day when planning forDelta Port Expansion by Metro Port Vancouver.


This Environment Canada Conservation document entitled "SEDIMENT TRANSPORTATION and its ENVIRONMENTAL IMPLICATIONS in the LOWER FRASER RIVER and FRASER DELTA" prepared by GeoSea Consulting in 1995 ! All

40 plus pages and 15 Fraser River and Delta Maps , was completed by world recognised and well respected River and Delta Scientists. Dr. Patrick McLaren and Dr. Ping Ren are the authors of the very detailed science paper and their findings to me are alarming. The reports final recomendations must be seriously considered, regarding any new plans for the expansion of the Delta Coal Port. Some of the abstract from the huge Federal Government report reads like this :


Present results of the sediment trend analysis in April 1995 of the Delta forslope south of the Westshore Terminal and Tsawwassen Terminals , now indicates NET EROSION of the for-slope is taking place ! The source of sand evidently being derived from the EROSION of the Delta forslope itself ,rather than receiving any present input of sand and fine mud from the Fraser River is now changing to erosion of the for-slope of the outer delta in certain locations. Its some thing like a gradual calving front end of a moving glacier, but with moving mud and sand.


"My comment"

The present EROSION on the Delta forslope may be endangering the stability of the COALPORT and TSAWWASSEN FERRY TERMINALS and is probably the result of the channelization of the South Arm, which effectively removes sediment replenishment to these two locations ! It is worth considering decreasing dredging efforts of the main river channel near Steveston and allowing deposition in both areas known to be ERODING !


"The river is changing and the findings of this report suggests that Canoe Pass once the main channel of the river , is returning again as the favorite location for the main outflow of the Fraser River ! This route is shorter and EROSION on the marine forslope may be adding a contributing pressure for the river to change its course ! In conclusion this report suggested the establishment of a monitoring program at both terminal sites and Canoe Pass, something that was NEVER DONE...


Terry Slack

message by Terry Slack

Posted by Brunella Battista on September 6, 2015 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

For many Fraser River odd Pink years after 1913 , no pink salmon were

seen on their spawning grounds above Hells Gate !

By 1944 the blockages at Hells Gate was still the major cause of the

continuing poor runs of returning Fraser River Sockeye and Pink Salmon


Two major salmon ladders were built in the winters of 1944 to 1946 ,

one on each bank of the river .

A new single "Low Level ", left bank salmon ladder was constructed in

1966 , with a low river level, left bank operating range of 10 feet .

Today the Fraser River discharge at Hope B. C. is 19% lower than

average and the low river operating range of the 1966 salmon fish way

has probably reached near the operating range of 10 feet ?


The Hell Gate slides of 1913 and 1914 caused a estimated drop in

abundance of Interior Pink salmon to about one quarter of that before

1913 ! Today the adjusted salmon fish ways probably has only the

1966 left bank low level salmon passage operating during the very low

water levels in the Hells Gate Canyon area ! This could be only

verified by the Pacific Salmon Commission or D. F. O.


To achieve historic levels of over 22 million Interior Pink Salmon or

more , "there must be no OBSTRUCTIONS to the migration of salmon up

and down the Fraser River " Quote by the I. P. S. F. C. 1974 !


Terry Slack " From the North and Middle arms of the Fraser River"


" Some Quotes from the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries

Commission 1974 " and "Salmon our Heritage by Lyons"


Remembering "The Stellako Incident"

Posted by Brunella Battista on August 2, 2015 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (0)

In 1965 The Federal D. F. O. allows "log driving " on the whole 20 mile length of the Sockeye spawning Stellako river . This perfect shallow gravel bottom river , for thousands of years has carried the cool waters of Francois Lake into Fraser Lake and on into the Nechako River ! From 1914 to 1948 , log driving was what the Logging companies used the Stellako River for in the spring and summer months ! A federal investigated report released in 1966 prohibiting any future "Log Drives" on the Stellako was released and welcomed by First Nations and others ! In the summer of 1966 the Provincial Dept. of Lands and Forests ignored the report and licenced a log drive on the full lenght of the Sockeye spawning grounds ! Numerous Log jams were reported on the river as the Sockeye desperately tried to spawn ! The historic 1913 railway disaster at Hells Gate all but destroyed the once great runs of Sockeye to the Stellako and it seems this was also a handy excuse to continue destroying the Sockeyes Spawning habitat season after Sockeye season ! These yearly attack on the spawning Stellako River Sockeye seemed never to stop , as governments in 1948 to 1957 allowed freshly creosoted railway ties to be floated down and across the Stellako River Sockeye spawning grounds ! Today the Sockeyes fight for survival continues as the river levels in the Fraser River Canyon and Glenannan on the Stellako River are very ,very low ! The Stellako Sockeye are coming by now in the Lower Fraser River , Lift the nets and let them by , they deserve at least a small chance to make it home this year ! Terry Slack " From the North Arm of the Fraser River" Stellako Sockeye Info from SALMON OUR HERITAGE by CICELY LYONS